Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Library thing

Very cool site! I was thinking to myself this was going to be a boring assignment with no point to it, but after looking into all the cool features it quickly became a useful site. Library thing is user friendly and took no time at all to learn. Some of the cool feature was building up your book collection and comparing it to the top 100 related profiles to your profile. I felt this was by far the coolest feature. Now I will have a place to go to find my next good read. Library thing didn't have one book come up empty when i typed in the search, which means they have all types of books and no shortage. When looking at a book you can read reviews people have left and see how people have that particular book in their collection. Library also includes overall ratings on all books. If you want to buy the book all you need to do is click on the quick links like amazon or google books and you can compare prices. Very cool web site and I enjoyed this assignment a lot.

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