Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Social Networking! Kin 710 #1

Social Networking!

This was more of a informational refresher for the average young adult who is involved with the world wide web on a daily basis. The article made it interesting in ways that we communicate compared to just a decade ago. It's really is interesting how the we communicate and gain information through our social networks Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Twitter, Wikipedia. 55% of kids between the ages of 13 and 17 are actively using one of these social networks. Ha it's kind of like a drug in some ways. The article compared the differences between the networks and how they are used for communication between friends and work. How they are changing the way we communicate. I find it interesting because of our social networking and the ways it's changing our lives. We as teachers will have to be up to date on all aspects of the social network in order to communicate with students and other teachers. Everything is run through the internet in some way or another. If we learn to use these tools we can become much more efficient at what we do.

Weaver,A.C,Morrison, B.B., Social, 2008)

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